Kona in Pictures

Posing in front of the famed sign several days after the race

The pre-race swims at Dig Me Beach were intimidating for me. Rough water and tons of uber-fit athletes everywhere.


Getting Rinny's autograph - I had her write "from one fast CO chick to another" thinking that if Rinny wrote it, I would make it a reality on race day.


At the Welcome Dinner before the skies opened and it poured. This was like a luau (minus the roasted pig).


Birds-eye view of athletes entering the water - the swim is a water start


My family's view of the swim start. I started on the left. I realized that I probably started too far left and back when I didn't touch anyone until the first turn buoy.


Profound relief to have made it out of the Pacific


My jet-lagged support team in shirts I made for them


Riding up Palani with Mark running alongside. I am crabbing to him about my swim time. That Indy car racer is behind me.


I think I am trying to make myself "small" in the wind here like Sonja taught me.


The view on the way to Hawi. There is wind farm out here too, which seemed ominous.


Riding up Kuakini. It kind of looks like that girl from Biggest Loser is behind me.


About the heel-strike on Ali'i.


My daughter (the main photographer) had a good view of the action


My left leg doesn't look like this in real life!


Proof that I ran up Palani at mile 10. Mark is running alongside giving me a pep talk.


The NEL is not nearly as hot if you don't arrive there until sunset


Running down Ali'i, in the dark. I ran sub-8:00 for the last mile, trying to break 12:00. I expected this to feel different, euphoric with angels singing, but really I just wanted to cross the line and be done.


Checking the clock to see how much time I had to spare. Notice I had the finish line to myself. That happens at Kona when you finish in 12 hours. I don't have a pic of her, but the girl who finished right in front of me salvaged my run. She provided some much-welcomed company during a lonely part of the race (miles 18-25).


Post-race in front of the cheesy backdrop


Afterwards, it was easy to spot who had done the race


The best part of the trip was enjoying the island after the race

We’ll be back someday…


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