R.I.P. Treadmill

Sad day here yesterday. I broke our (second) True treadmill. Instead of rushing out to replace or fix it, I am thinking of…..running outside!  I am not big on running outside during the winter. It was much easier for me to hop on the treadmill at any hour of the day (or evening) and crank out my workout all while entertaining myself with most of Bravo’s line-up mixed with some occasional “news” like the Today Show or The View. Yes, I watch all of that crap, but only when working out or folding laundry, which makes it ok in my mind.

We have owned a treadmill for a long time. About a year and a half ago, Mark was doing a rare interval session on our old treadmill when it gave out on him. The repairs were going to be expensive, so we instead decided to buy a comparable machine from Craigslist. Machine two was not quite as nice as machine one, but it was very serviceable.

Yesterday was not a great day for outdoor running for a fair weather runner like me, so I decided to do my longish run on the treadmill. Halfway between Real Housewives of Orange County and Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, I had a bad feeling about the ‘mill. Something clearly wasn’t quite right with the belt and I was running on borrowed time, so to speak.

I kept plugging away with the run and 1:15 into it, I cranked up the speed for the tempo portion. This is where the situation became more serious. The belt was definitely not right, and I knew the inevitable was coming. The treadmill and I held on for 15 minutes of tempo and then I shut it off and inspected the damage.


It also appeared that the basement was filled with smoke. Or maybe it was fumes?

So that was our last run together and it was a pretty good one. Thanks True 550 for the memories and all of the miles we logged together. Now it’s time for me to hit the open road, and not a minute too soon since racing season is upon us.

See you on the roads!


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