I have waited for this day for 7 years

Today was a big day in our family. We did something I have envisioned since I first thought about having kids. We ran up Waterton Canyon with the kids on their bikes! The kids have been to Waterton before, but not since I used to push them in the double jogger when they were about one year old.


The old days

Waterton has been closed for a public works project for about a year and a half – pretty much the whole time that my kids have been riding their bikes without training wheels. I have missed running there so much. It is definitely my favorite place to run long. The scenery is beautiful and there are bathrooms.  Just about all a girl could ask for.

We enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather in Denver this past weekend, and everyone was out all weekend enjoying it. The parking lot at Waterton was about as full as I have ever seen it. Apparently I am not the only one who has been eagerly awaiting its reopening. There were bikers, hikers, walkers, runners, and fishermen all over the place. The kids were super excited for their first “mountain bike.” Kendall had said in the morning that she didn’t want to ride, but once we got going, she kept saying things like, “mom, this is so much fun! I had no idea it was going to be like this!” My heart was filled with joy.


All smiles


We got lucky and spotted a lone bighorn sheep

Mark is a bit of a task master, so he encouraged them to ride all the way up to the 4.3 mile picnic area before we even stopped for water. Mark ran ahead until his Garmin showed 5 miles while the kids and I enjoyed the view.


Family photo at the turnaround

On the way back down, we had a bit of a challenge – Jack’s rear wheel flatted with 3 miles left. Having never done this before, we were unprepared and didn’t have any extra tubes or air. He was a great sport about it though and alternated between walking, running, and throwing rocks into the river.

The kids ride at a perfect long run pace now and I am hoping to have them as company for some runs this spring and summer, before they get too big to ride alongside mom.


Just a really awesome day.


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