The Summer So Far

I didn’t really plan it this way, but I apparently needed a break this summer. Originally, I thought that maybe I just needed a break from IM training, but it was really more than that. I was sick of the schedules, the pressure to fit the workouts in, the hypothermia-inducing early morning swims, arranging child care so I could train, and on and on.

So I made a decision – this summer I wasn’t going to do anything I really didn’t want to do. I still kept up with some semblance of training, but it was really only what interested me or what I thought I should do to maintain my base for IMAZ.

Here’s what I did instead:



Summit of Greys Peak – kids second 14er


View of Vail Valley from Bellyache Ridge



Millennium Park, Chicago


Top of the Sears Tower (which I refuse to call by its new name)


Enjoying a summer night in Grosse Pointe


Boulder Peak on the cloudiest day anyone can remember at the Rez



Piney Lake near Vail


Top of Independence Pass (no bonk this time)


Piney Lake with moose in background

Getting ready to mountain bike down Vail Mtn

I am going to goof off a couple more weeks and then the kids go back to school and I plan to resume an actual training plan in preparation for IMAZ. I have decided that I want to try to do well at that race and give it my best shot, so I will be buckling down and giving it a serious effort. Who knows? Maybe I will even learn to swim between now and then?

Until then…

P.S. If you were stopping by looking for a Boulder 70.3 race report, I promise to have that up soon.


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