Twas the Night Before….Ironman Arizona!

I wrote the following poem as my personal essay the night before we left for Ironman Arizona. The Kompetitive Edge athlete application for the 2013 team was due around Thanksgiving and I wanted to get mine in before we left.

I can’t say that the poem is what put me over the edge and got me a spot on the team again this year since Ryan has confessed he hasn’t even read it yet, but I thought I would share it tonight, since I just read the real version to my kids.

I hope everyone is enjoying a great holiday season with friends, family and making lots of memories. I’ve been taking a break from my training routine since Arizona and it was just what I needed. The itch is starting to come back, and I think in a couple of weeks I will be ready to finalize my 2013 plans.

Ode to Kompetitive Edge

Twas three nights before Ironman Arizona and all through the house

not a creature was stirring, except ME (because I was up late filling out my KE sponsorship app!)

The Illicito was tucked away in a house in Arizona with care 

with hopes that Jen would soon come meet it there.

The wetsuit was packed, the Newtons, the Gu’s.

The EFS, the Garmin, those shiny LG shoes.

It had been such a long season, starting way back in May

at an Ironman so hard they made it go away.

There were long rides in the wind, cold swims at the pool

hot, hard runs on the Highline ‘til I was covered in drool.

But one thing was a constant that made it all worthwhile

my good friends at KE who always greeted me with a smile.

I changed orders repeatedly, but Ryan never got miffed

and he didn’t look at me strangely when I claimed my bike wouldn’t shift.

We had some heart-to-heart chats and I spent lots of time

My bank account was shrinking, but it was worth every dime.

It meant so much to me to wear that swanky red kit

and share a team with so many who are the definition of fit.

I’m just getting started

there’s a lot more to do.

So I hope you’ll take me back next year as part of the KE crew!

Goodbye 2012! It was a great year. Looking forward to many good things in 2013.



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