My first Stitch Fix

I wanted to share photos and feedback from my first Stitch Fix order, which came late last week. A few of my tri-friends had tried out Stitch Fix, an on-line personal shopping site, and I was eager to give it a try. I enjoy shopping and buying new clothes, but between working from home and having limited time to shop (not to mention the fact we live 30 minutes away from any stores I would want to shop at), my wardrobe was getting a bit limited. I have tons of jeans and about a dozen pairs of black yoga pants and hoodies, but other than that, I was starting to feel like I didn’t have many clothing options. Certainly nothing cute to wear out on a weekend (assuming I actually made it out somewhere on the weekend).

Enter Stitch Fix! The concept is that you fill out an on-line profile answering all kinds of questions about your personal style, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, and how much you want to spend on clothes, and then your stylist chooses 5 pieces for you and sends them to you.

Here’s the box the items come in, with instructions for giving feedback and sending back in 3 business days.


If you like your items, great! You keep all of them and you check out on-line and give feedback to improve the picks for next time. If you don’t like something, you give feedback on it and send it back at no cost. It’s simple, convenient and fun because there will probably be something in your Fix that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself but you end up loving.

My pick came last week and I brought the box with me to a dinner with friends who have known me a really long time and wouldn’t be afraid to tell me what they thought. Thanks to the girls for putting up with my fashion show and for the feedback!

Kendall and I got around to taking some pics yesterday so I could show what I got. Pretend I am wearing cute shoes or boots in each picture with coordinating accessories.

Here’s what I got:


Item 1: knit striped top with leather detailing at the pockets. I like the color and style of this piece, but the fit was a little too loose/boxy. The girls weren’t wild about it and I planned to send it back but ended up keeping it (which I will explain below).


Item 2: heathered v-neck dolman top. I liked the fit and style of this top, but was skeptical of the color, which is pinker than it looks in this photo. I don’t wear pink or light colors because they generally don’t look good on me. Thought about sending this back too, but ended up keeping it, too.


Items 3 and 4: Daniel Rainn swiss dot cross front top and skinny jeans in dark wash. The top is my favorite piece in the fix. I love the style and it fills the gap in my wardrobe for versatile pieces that can be worn out at night or layered with a blazer for a business event. You can’t really see the jeans well in this photo, but they are form-fitting and would go with just about anything. The girls convinced me to keep the jeans.


Item 5: 41Hawthorn contrast detail blazer. A winner! Super versatile piece that layers well with anything. I ended up wearing this out to dinner with my husband last night to dress up a casual top.

Here are the important details on pricing: If you keep all five pieces in your Fix, you get a 25% discount on the whole order. When I went on the Stitch Fix site to check out, I played with the cost if I sent back one or two pieces, and decided that it made more sense to keep everything than just send back one or two things. If I sent back two pieces (the longer top and the striped top), the cost was $210. But it was only $252 to keep all five pieces, so it was like getting two additional tops for only $40. There is also a $20 styling fee which is applied to anything you end up purchasing in your order, so you don’t pay the styling fee if you keep any of the items in your fix.

Another thing I like about Stitch Fix is the personalized styling card that comes with your Fix that shows the different pieces and how they can be accessorized and paired with other items. This is a little detail that makes you feel like someone took the time to think about what you might like and wants you to enjoy it. I can tell that because my stylist, Randall, signed my note with “XO” – clearly he cares about me, right?


Stitch Fix is relying on word-of-mouth to spread the news about their service and in order to bolster referrals, they give you a referral code to share with friends on social media or email. If people sign up for Stitch Fix with your referral code and end up buying something, you get a $25 credit.

If you want to try it out for yourself – and I don’t know why you wouldn’t since there is no risk and you can send it all back, but I doubt you will need to – here’s my referral code:

Check it out and let me know what you think!


1 thought on “My first Stitch Fix

  1. I LOVED it ALL!! Especially the pink top. I think it looks so classy on you!!! Fun stuff!! Cute little dressy number in the black and white, but I must say, I like the color on you!!

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