The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Brand Ambassador

I recently wrote about the different tri teams out there, including the companies that have teams of brand ambassadors. With many brands announcing their 2016 teams, it’s a good time to turn to the topic of what makes for a successful relationship between an athlete and an athletic brand.

Here are my Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Brand Ambassador:

DON’T act like a jerk while wearing team gear. Once you put on that kit, realize you are representing the entire team and company while you train and race. A bright kit with logos all over it is also going to be more memorable to people, and you don’t want to give people a reason to say, “wow, that guy in the ___ kit was riding like a jerk in the race today.”

DON’T expect a lot for nothing. The company sponsoring your team is in the business of making money and likely cannot afford to give away a lot of product. Freebies are nice, but I consider them the exception and not the rule.

DON’T publicly disparage the team or brand. Even if you are unhappy with your kit, gear, or some aspect of the team, disputes and grievances should always be addressed privately.

DON’T confuse everyone about your team affiliation by posting lots of pics of yourself in other brands’ gear. Many of us own apparel from different companies or use a variety of products, but you don’t have to go out of your way to advertise that fact. Stick to pics that promote your team’s gear and sponsors.

DO take advantage of your team’s partnerships. Most teams have put together a family of sponsors for the team, and there are usually explicit or implicit rules you will at least try these products.

DO participate in your team’s forum or Facebook group. The more people who contribute, the more everyone gets out of being a part of the team.

DO read your sponsorship/ambassadorship agreement and make sure you understand it.

DO share important news from your company, such as the release of new product lines or sales.

DO something to express your gratitude when you receive a freebie. Throw your company some love on social media if they have done something nice for you.

DO communicate openly and honestly. Ideally, the brand will let you know what they expect from team members, and the athlete will feel comfortable raising any questions or concerns with the company. Keep the lines of communication open!

Have more ideas about a do or don’t? Post them below.


2 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Brand Ambassador

  1. Totally agree! Great post! I would add one Don’t. Don’t post one social media EVERY single day about how much you love your team and the gear. It will start to sound unauthentic and be annoying. Do keep it real.

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